Massage Relief for CTS

This video demonstrates a massage therapy technique for people with wrist problems, including Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

“I want to show you a little technique that I really like to use on people with wrist problems, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or people who are just doing any kind of activity, activity that uses the wrist a lot. I basically stretch the connective tissue right under the wrist joint with my supporting hand while at the same time, I flex the wrist of the side that I am working on.

You can either keep your fingers straight across or like I do, I use more of my finger tips to get a little bit of deeper contact. You will feel a slight burning sensation when you get a Fascial Release and you can either keep your fingers in the same spot or slide them down like I do, when I go to the other side and use my thumb for doing exactly the same thing while I am extending the wrist.

So you keep your thumb straight across, have your fingers on the back side to bring some counter pressure and you can either slide your thumb down or you keep it in the same spot. You will get a Fascial Release even when you just extend the wrist without moving the thumb.”

From Bukisa

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