No Carpal Tunnel Blog

No Carpal Tunnel Blog

The No Carpal Tunnel Blog was designed to help those with computer related repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome learn more about their situation, ergonomics, and hopefully make moves towards healing wrist pain.

We have been in your situation and want to share ergonomic tips that have enabled us to work through the pain and anguish. You will find many practical tips we have used ourselves. Keep in mind that this is a serious condition, you must seek medical help. We are not doctors, nor are we a substitute for one.

Though their posts tend to be short and not delve into great detail, the site offers information on a wide variety of topics related to carpal tunnel syndrome, and it is updated frequently.

Recent Posts from No Carpal Tunnel Blog:

Computer Ergonomics to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - December 7th, 2013
"Ergonomics is one of the first things users address when confronted with a RSI such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is really important to setup your computer workstation properly.  Improperly setup computer desks cause extra strain on your hands, wrists, back, […]"
Ergonomic Office Chairs and Ergonomic Computer Chairs - September 25th, 2012
"We have tips for selecting ergonomic computer seating. Key elements to look for in a new ergonomic office chair are: Adjustable Seat Height – Make sure you can adjust your seat low enough so that your feet are 100% flat on the floor. Minimize the pressure […]"
Massage therapy and carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI - January 9th, 2012
"photo credit: Akajos Research has indicated that massage helps with pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or RSI. I have personally tried this many times with mixed results, but then realized a better way to approach it.  The problem may be that many massage therapists […]"
Ergonomic Computer Workstations – Sit to Stand Workstation - January 1st, 2012
"Sitting too much can lead to serious damage to the body. Sit to Stand workstations are starting to become more mainstream. I use one from Workrite. These allow you to vary your work position to give your back a rest. As they put it: “Ergonomists agree that […]"
Driving and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Ergonomic Driving, RSI - January 1st, 2012
"I have found that driving exacerbates my RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is pretty logical as driving involves use of the hands. I have tried to minimize my driving by getting others to drive, walking, or taking public transportation. Try not standing and holding […]"
Road to recovery from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Hand Pain, RSI - January 1st, 2012
"Welcome to No Carpal Tunnel Blog Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and are not qualified to provide medical information. With computers all over the place, RSI problems will simply grow over time. Walk into an office or coffee shop, look at how people […]"
Ergonomic Keyboards – Kinesis Freestyle Solo Keyboard - December 1st, 2011
"One of the first steps people take when diagnosed with a RSI such as carpal tunnel syndrome, is to switch to an ergonomic keyboard. Here are some ergonomic keyboard that I have and continue to use and recommend. If you are on a very tight budget, look no further […]"
Gloves for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Wrist Pain - November 25th, 2011
"You may notice that your hands are usually cold, due to poor circulation. While washing your hands in hot water can warm them up, gloves might help even more. Mines were used as I suffered through painful Wrist Pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  I learned from […]"
Hot and Cold Transition Baths – Contrast Baths - September 22nd, 2011
"Hot and Cold Transition Baths or hot and cold contrast baths have helped my hands feel better from carpal tunnel.  I first learned about them from my hand therapist. How to contrast bath hands: I fill 2 pitchers, 1 with hot water from the tap, and another with […]"
Ergonomic Computer Input Devices for Wrist Pain – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - September 20th, 2011
"The Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet is a low cost ergonomic input device that I use to reduce Wrist Pain – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I hold the stylus like a hold a pen and lightly move it around. I wrap the stylus in a rubber – foam insulation so it is about […]"

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