Jeff’s RSI Stuff

Jeff's RSI Stuff

Jeff’s RSI Stuff is a place where you will find resources for people suffering with RSI (repetitive strain injury) including hardware and software information, book reviews, tips, techniques, prevention and more.

I am limited in the use of my hands due to a repetitive strain injury (RSI). I have devoted a blog to this topic. In it, I will talk about products that I find helpful and those that I don’t find helpful. I will discuss tips and tricks that I found, as well as resources such as books, etc.

One final note. Since I have to use voice recognition software to “type” all the text on his website, please keep that in mind if I ever goof and a word doesn’t make sense. Sometimes, the software misunderstands me, and I miss it. I try to proofread, but every once in awhile one gets by me.

Jeffrey A. Schwartz lives in New Jersey with his wife and two kids. His interests include photography, reading, food, hiking, geocaching and writing.

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