Dr Davis’ Back & Wrist Pain Blog

Dr Davis' Back & Wrist Pain Blog

Dr Davis’ Back & Wrist Pain Blog is the “Treatment diary of a Vegan San Francisco chiropractor specializing in Chronic Back and Wrist Pain treatment, naturally”:

Dr. Eben Davis of Back and Wrist Pain Consultants says that, plagued with debilitating migraine headaches, he was a chiropractic patient before becoming a practitioner. “I had such severe migraines that, for awhile, I was on disability and taking a lot of medications,” he says. But I had good results with natural remedies, and I felt that natural healing made sense. The body creates itself, the body runs itself, and it continuously heals itself. So I chose to focus on those things when I got into practice.”

As a practitioner, Dr. Davis provides an authoritative behind-the-scenes look at treatment options for chronic pain. You can also email Dr. Davis for personalized advice.

Recent Posts from Dr Davis' Back & Wrist Pain Blog:

Poor Posture, Health and Chiropractic - August 14th, 2013
"Did you know that 90% of the brains activity goes towards maintaining your body upright in it's gravitational field, like a guidance system on a rocket? This means that when a person is mechanically distorted (poor posture and misalignment's) that..."
Whiplash Diagnosis: What Does It Mean? - August 10th, 2013
"We have been providing treatment for whiplash in San Francisco since 1992. Whiplash is, by definition, the rapid acceleration followed by deceleration of the head causing the neck to “crack like a whip” forwards and backwards at a rate so..."
Sitting Long Periods Increases Heart Attack Risk - August 7th, 2013
"It is well documented that sitting for extended periods in front of a computer doing repetitive movements is a primary cause of back, neck, and upper extremity pain, even carpal tunnel syndrome. But are there other health risks involved? What..."
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Self Diagnosis - August 3rd, 2013
"We have been providing natural treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and Symptoms in the San Francisco Financial District for over 20 years now. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is technically a “pinched nerve” in the wrist (carpal tunnel) that results..."
Low Back Pain Treatment and Obesity - August 1st, 2013
"Low back pain (LBP) is a VERY COMMON PROBLEM! Here are some facts about LBP: 1) At ANY given time, 31 million Americans experience LBP; 2) LBP is the single leading cause of disability worldwide; 3) 50% of ALL working..."

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