Discomfort Free

Discomfort Free

Discomfort Free is a blog from massage therapist Hilma Louise Volk:

I am not a doctor. I am a massage therapist. The techniques I show primarily involve self-massage and stretching. You control the pressure of self massage at all times. Stretches should never be forced or painful. If you get a gut feeling that these suggestions are not right for you – don’t do them. If you diligently use the techniques every day for at least a week and see no improvement, you should consult a physician.

Also, if your problem has progressed to the point to where your hands feel “dead” most of the time, you are at risk for permanent nerve damage and should see a physician.

The advise in this website is for given is for numbness or tingling that has progressed gradually over a period of time from an occupation, or hobby, or both. It can result from accumulative repetitive movements (know as repetitive strain injuries) from such motions as hammering, cutting hair, typing, playing piano, knitting, etc. — or from postural imbalances or frequent awkward positions (known as cumulative trauma injuries).

Hilma provides a series of instructional videos that you can use to locate and treat the cause of your problem.

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