Safe Computing Tips

Safe Computing Tips

Safe Computing Tips aims to help you be more comfortable and productive while using your computer: provides suggestions to minimize or eliminate identified problems and allows you to create your own “custom-fit” computer workstation. Many people experience greater comfort and productivity when following these suggestions.

Consider your workstation and workplace as you read through each section and see if you can identify areas for improvement in posture, component placement, or work environment.

The site provides ergonomic tips and guidelines for safety and injury prevention while working at office or home. The site also provides an informative blog covering the latest news about safe computing.

Recent Posts from Safe Computing Tips:

Computer Professionals Are At Higher Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - November 19th, 2017
"Computer professionals spend most of their time in front of computer and work with their fingers, thumbs and wrists for long hours. Working for longer hours overuses median nerve (which runs from the forearm to the palm). Median nerve passes through a narrow passageway […]"
Are You At A Risk Of Repetitive Strain Injury? - November 19th, 2017
"Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a condition that affects millions of patients worldwide. In order to define this controversial condition high quality trials and evidence of effective treatments are needed. Frankly speaking repetitive strain injury is not one […]"
10 Ways To Avoid Tendonitis In The Workplace - November 19th, 2017
"Tendonitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the tendons and affects all parts of your body. Tendonitis can be of two types: one is acute and the other chronic. In acute tendonitis, tendons become irritated, and in chronic tendonitis, tendons become irritated […]"
Ergonomics Is An Ancient Principle - November 19th, 2017
"The principles of ergonomics is really basic commonsense, the word ergonomic comes from the Greek word “erg”, which means “work” and ‘nomoi’ which means “natural laws”. This science has been around for several centuries but […]"
Minimizing Back Pain Condition At Your Desk - November 19th, 2017
"If you are spending lot of time in front of computers, you will get back pain. Wrong posture is the main reason for back pain. Continuous sitting alters the position of neck, shoulders, wrist (use a vertical mouse to avoid wrist problems), thumb and back movement […]"
What Happens If You Ignore The Importance Of Posture? - November 19th, 2017
"How can we practice perfect posture? This is the most common question raised by computer professionals who spends lot of their time in front of the computer.  In this digital world, people spend most of their time by sitting at a desk, or staring down at their […]"
How To Reduce Back Pain At Your Desk? - November 19th, 2017
"In these days use of computers is very much increased. Teenagers spend most of their time in a day in front of the computer. People who have a desk job will suffer from back pain at any point in their life. Sitting in front of a computer all day and poor posture […]"
How Computer Use Can Cause Arm Pain And How To Reduce It? - November 19th, 2017
"Are you working at desk? Then you need to consider some factors for your work comfort. Those include your posture, the way you are using the mouse and keyboard, and monitor position. Frequent inaccurate use of a mouse when working on the computer can lead to a […]"
Are Laptops Ergonomically Safe? - December 5th, 2014
"Laptop Ergonomics design at present are excluded as none of them satisfy the basic needs of ergonomics. The design of laptops violates a basic principle, namely that the keyboard and screen are to be separated. In the early days of personal computing desktop devices […]"
Safe Ergonomic Monitor Setup - October 17th, 2014
"Positioning your Computer Monitor to a perfect height and distance that is comfortable for you (using an arm or lift mechanism) is crucial for maintaining ergonomic posture and positioning throughout your day. Most of your time at your desk is spent looking are […]"

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