Safe Computing Tips

Safe Computing Tips

Safe Computing Tips aims to help you be more comfortable and productive while using your computer: provides suggestions to minimize or eliminate identified problems and allows you to create your own “custom-fit” computer workstation. Many people experience greater comfort and productivity when following these suggestions.

Consider your workstation and workplace as you read through each section and see if you can identify areas for improvement in posture, component placement, or work environment.

The site provides ergonomic tips and guidelines for safety and injury prevention while working at office or home. The site also provides an informative blog covering the latest news about safe computing.

Recent Posts from Safe Computing Tips:

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Computer Gaming Addiction In Children - December 28th, 2017
"As the modern age progresses and the role of computers in daily life continue to become more important the age of children who learn how to use a computer continues to decrease. This is not necessarily something to be concerned about in most cases, but there are […]"
Ergonomic Products Which Help You In Making Workstation Better! - December 28th, 2017
"Have you decided to make your working environment ergonomic? That’s a great thing that you can do to yourself for making yourself comfortable and safe from hazardous posture problems you face in your work station. Before introducing any product to your office […]"
Laptop Or Desktop Computer: Which Is Right For You? - December 28th, 2017
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How To Minimize Neck Pain At Your Desk? - December 28th, 2017
"Head and Neck PainThe employees who are working at desk are at a higher risk of head and neck pain. The improper head postures, such as peering at the screen and adopting a pocking chin posture can put pressure on the nerves of your neck. Hence, this results pain […]"
Investing On An Ergonomic Furniture - December 28th, 2017
"Ergonomics is a concept most people of today are beginning to understand. Society’s current setting is more corporate, desk related, and work from home concept which requires long hours of intensive work that can be both mentally, and physically tiring. With […]"
VDUs Do Not Cause Miscarriages - December 28th, 2017
"Since their arrival in the 1970s, visual display units (VDUs) have attracted all manner of health scares. Many studies, since determined to have been flawed, indicated a link between miscarriages in pregnancies and even birth defects. Later studies with a bigger […]"

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