Books about Conditions Related to RSI

This is a collection of books about conditions related to Repetitive Strain Injuries, including Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Myofascial Pain, Tennis Elbow, and much more, many of which you may not even associate with RSI, but which are nonetheless related.

  • Fixing You: Shoulder & Elbow Pain
    This book introduces a new biomechanical perspective about the roots of shoulder and elbow pain. Written by Rick Olderman MSPT, CPT it highlights key concepts in understanding shoulder and elbow joint function and how to fix stubborn pain. Rick is a physical therapist, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, author, and speaker with over a decade of experience treating difficult chronic pain conditions. Rick reveals his secrets to fixing these problems in his books through easy-to-understand language and medical illustrations. He demystifies the links between muscle and joint function and pain.
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  • Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches
    Fixing You: Neck Pain & Headaches highlights an unlikely culprit in neck pain--the shoulder. When the shoulder blades do not rest or move correctly, muscles attaching from the shoulder blade directly to the cervical spine and base of the skull cause neck pain and headaches. If you've never had your shoulders assessed in relation to your neck pain then this book is for you. It will teach you exactly why you have constant nagging neck pain and headaches and how to fix them.
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  • Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches & Migraines
    Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches and Migraines explains trigger point physiology and then offers a complete program for self-care that includes detailed illustrations of all pressure and stretching techniques. In addition, it provides an in-depth look at the factors that cause and perpetuate trigger points, such as body mechanics, injuries, diet and nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and emotional factors, and provides solutions to address each perpetuating factor.
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  • Massage for Pain Relief: A Step-by-Step Guide
    This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to simple pain relief covers everything from headaches to back pain to tennis elbow, all using Oriental massage and pressure techniques. Full-color illustrations and diagrams throughout.
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  • What to do for a Pain in the Neck : The Complete Program for Neck Pain Relief
    No one who works at a computer or drives a car will be surprised to learn that neck pain is on the rise. About 70 million people in the United States have had neck pain, and the incidence is increasing. Like back pain, neck pain can become a constant plague that is both mysterious and difficult to treat. Here at last is help. In What to Do for a Pain in the Neck, one of today's leading experts on neck pain provides a broad range of treatments and preventive measures so that you do not have to learn how to live with pain -- you can banish it.
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  • Pain Free Typing Technique
    Pain-Free Typing Technique is a 12-page self-help booklet which provides drug-free treatments and suggestions for carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive motion disorder and cumulative trauma disorders (CTD). Unconventional concepts are revealed, which help prevent computer-related illnesses including hand pain, wrist pain and other keyboard ergonomics. Most repetitive motion disorders and overuse injuries can be improved by correcting certain angles and positions.
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