Food Allergies Can Cause RSI Symptoms

Writing at ErgoBlog, Sicarius provides a summation of his years of RSI-related problems, and how he eventually got his condition under control:

No, it wasn’t magic. It was a visit to a doctor for other unrelated (or so I thought at the time) problems. She had me tested for food allergies, and I came up positive for sensitivities to gluten and dairy (and a few lesser ones). It was hard to give up these foods, which show up in nearly everything, but one of the benefits was that my hand problems gradually diminished. Eliminating the allergy foods also helped me get rid of my other issues (I was having heartburn at night, insomnia, headaches during the day, and needed an inhaler for asthma).

So, for those of you suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other joint issues/RSIs, it’s probably worth a trip to the doctor to get tested for food allergies. It doesn’t take much time or cost much (I think I paid about $125 for a blood test that checked for allergies to close to 100 common foods), and it may make a world of difference.

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Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.


  1. People should be more carefull about what they eat, allergies are serious!!

  2. i have been suffering from Asthma ever since i was little kid. i can only manage it by taking medicines and some food supplements. *

  3. Most allergies can be treated by corticosteroids and also some antihistamine blockers.;”*

  4. to treat my allergies, i just take in some antihistamines like claritin~;”

  5. I have been experiencing RSI symptoms, since October 2010. My arms and my wrists have been in pain until I barely could work on my computer. In January, I noticed that every time I consumed dairy products and eggs, my RSI symptoms got worse. I went to Dr. and finally confirmed that I’m allergic to those food. From then on, I started to take antihistamines pill(zyrtec). Now my arms have been improving very quickly. I thought I would share this experience as well that food allergy may cause or aggravate the RSI. My pain is still there, but after reading this blog, I think I will go on a strict diet allergy free. I’ve been trying to find more research on why this happens between allergy and RSI, so far I found none. Anyway, now I feel much better to find there are other people out there with RSI caused by food allergy. Thank you For sharing

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