DataHand Ergonomic Keyboard Reviewed

DataHand Ergonomic KeyboardThere’s a review of the DataHand Ergonomic Keyboard at Paul Fatula discusses this unusual input device and how it can be useful for RSI sufferers:

One of the ways the Datahand helps to reduce RSI-related pain comes through requiring far less finger movement to type than do other keyboards. Each finger rests in a “well,” sort of akin to the “home row” on a traditional keyboard, except that the finger never has to leave its well. Each finger has five keys assigned to it, pressed by moving the finger north, south, east, west, or pushing down. Since a regular keyboard just uses one kind of finger motion (down) as opposed to Datahand’s five, the Datahand allows a greater variety of finger motions, reducing the repetition that can aggravate certain kinds of RSIs.

Dramatically different in appearance from the traditional flat keyboard, the DataHand keyboard incorporates unique finger and thumb switch modules within two contoured hand rests. Also the hands are naturally supported, completely supporting both the hands and arms.

The DataHand ergonomic keyboard dramatically reduces both variables of the work formula—force and distance. By placing the keys in close proximity to the fingers, finger travel distance is greatly reduced. Key activation forces are also reduced by 50 percent or more, and operating speed is improved.

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.

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